Annual construction maintenance tender of branch and units
Provide adequate expansion joints during installation and installation to ensure unit integrity from dimensional changes due to different temperature and humidity
The owner may instruct the contractor to submit the model of the windows and doors and install them on the site for approval before starting the manufacturing
Aluminum works are encapsulated before they are transported to the site by covering the exposed surfaces of aluminum and hardware with a transparent protective material or adhesive tape that can be easily removed at the initial delivery so as not to affect the surfaces of the sectors. Also, it is committed to maintaining the integrity of the composite model until delivery.
Payments can be made on the account in the previous manner, not exceeding 75% of the value of the materials supplied by the contractor and they shall be included in the work area according to the provisions of the contract and in accordance with Law 89/1998 and its executive regulations. These materials shall be used in the fixed works and the payment made from the payment paid by the contractor According to the provisions of the preceding paragraph and if it becomes apparent when the final calculation is made, any amounts of these payments that have not been deducted in the said manner shall be deducted from the contractor’s entitlements
The Owner shall have the right to refuse to make the payments referred to if the works are

Project Location:

Assiut and New Valley

Geographic Range:




Specs Fee:

2000 EGP

Bid Bond:

270000 EGP

Performance Bond:


Organizer Details:

Insurance General Authority of Upper Egypt
No. 16 El Thawra St. Corniche El Nil – Assiut City
Phone: 0882323539 – 0882312185


Insurance General Authority of Upper Egypt