Clothing and sports equipment supplying tender, For the sports bank teams, there are 106 categories
The tender must be accompanied by a request from the company. The tender must include the copy of the newly mentioned documents, the certificate of registration with value added tax and the form of 2 insurance and the previous works for the execution of these works approved by the parties that have carried out similar operations and the commercial register is modern and valid and has not yet been extracted Months of the same year and shall be submitted to the Bank at the beginning of the three months with the presentation of the assets for its consideration
Submission of the initial letter of guarantee must be met by the ratification of the signatures from one of the branches of Bank of Egypt and the period of validity of 3 months will not be received letters of guarantee without the ratification of their signatures and does not accept the tender in the tender
The bids shall be submitted in the name of the Engineer / Head of the Administrative and Engineering Affairs Sector within two technical and financial envelopes, with the name of the transaction and the date of the meeting written on them. Each page of the tender shall be signed and signed by the company. The bid shall be submitted well in advance of the date of the meeting. Accepted payment or an unconditional letter of guarantee attested by one of the branches of Banque Misr on behalf of the administrative and engineering affairs sector – the general administration of the purchases according to the amount indicated for the tender and will not pay attention to the tenders that come after this time or not accompanied by primary insurance. Special conditions and specifications Prices are clear, expressive and meaningful without the abrasion or tarnishing or use of the cricket and those who have not previously dealt with the bank provides the documents of the activity and the previous deal to record suppliers

Project Location:


Geographic Range:



13/3/2018 , 11:00 AM

Specs Fee:

2000 EGP

Bid Bond:

60000 EGP

Performance Bond:


Organizer Details:

Banque Misr
Administrative & Engineering Sector – 155 Mohamed Farid Street – Misr Bank Building Mostafa Kamel – 7th Floor


Banque Misr