Construction tender to remove plateau which is located on the plots of land number (5,4,3,2,1) in the tourism district and almotamayez, which is distinguished up to the level of +2 from the level of the road corresponding to the plots.
Category of appropriate classification of the tender “Category 7” works of roads, bridges, railways and airports

Project Location:

tourism district and almotamayez – New Minya City

Geographic Range:



The inquiry session will be held on Wednesday 31/01/2018 at 12:00 pm In New Minya City headquarter

Specs Fee:

200 EGP
The booklet of technical conditions and specifications is obtained from the headquarter of city

Bid Bond:

25000 EGP
The tender shall be submitted in two closed envelopes, one for the technical presentation and the other for the financial offer in the name of the Engineer / Head of the Authority, no later than the opening of the technical envelopes.

Performance Bond:

5% of contract amount

Organizer Details:

Development of the new city of Minya headquarter
10 km Minya Road – Cairo Desert East Road
Phone: 086/2296111 – 086/2295868


Development of the new city of Minya headquarter