Consultancy service tender to develop an animated info graphic for E-waste awareness-raising campaign
The project is seeking the service of National consultancy firm to develop a high quality media campaign
to raise awareness on the proper handling and management of E-waste.
The campaign aims at spreading knowledge on the sustainable management of E-waste, developing sustainable habits and empowering people with solutions to the problem of e-waste as most of them don’t know what to do with their old electronics and gadgets.
The campaign would provide actionable information and create a community who reuse, reduce, and recycle their e-waste.

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United Nations Development Program in Egypt
Medical and Electronic Waste Management Project
Borg Al Hadara #12 S – Flat #1 Madinat Al Fostat Al Gedida – Al Megawra #2 Hadekat Al Fostat St. – Misr El – Kadima, Cairo – Egypt
[Att. Dr. Tarek Mohamed El-Araby]


United Nations Development Program in Egypt