Disinfection and weeding tender for Shobra Irrigation area for the fiscal year 2017/2018 – 2018/2019.
-Dredging of derricks wire or buoy that move on the ground or floating, including the removal of weeds of all kinds.
-Deforestation works for dredging or manual spraying if necessary.
-Soil works for the transport and removal of dust and dry cleaning products from asphalt roads, inside the residential blocks and decomposition of the buildings.
-Covering the coverings, sabbaticals, industrial works, removing weeds in front of façades, ranges, switches, arches, etc.
-Any other work required by the work or assigned by the Contractor within an area.
-The bidder must be bound at the date of opening the envelopes in the Egyptian Federation of Construction and Building Contractors General Business Division and the category that allows the entry of the tender.

Project Location:

Shobra Irrigation area

Geographic Range:




Specs Fee:

Enterprise companies 165 EGP
Micro and small companies 150 EGP

Bid Bond:

35000 EGP

Performance Bond:


Organizer Details:

Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation – General Directorate of Water Resources and Irrigation in Qalyubia
Irrigation Complex Building – Corniche El Nil – Al-Emad Hospital – Banha – Qalioubia
Phone: 0133233046


General Directorate of Water Resources and Irrigation in Qalyubia