Here is the most frequently asked questions, Select from the following list of Product and Financial FAQs. Browse through these FAQs to find answers to commonly raised questions.

الاسئلة الشائعة لطلبات الشراء والمناقصات - T Tangle FAQs
الاسئلة الشائعة لطلبات الشراء والمناقصات - T Tangle FAQs


Here is the most frequently asked questions, Select from the following list of Product and Financial FAQs. Browse through these FAQs to find answers to commonly raised questions.

Which types of entities are acceptable?
We accepting the companies ( the commercial type at all ), consultancy offices, NGOs/NPOs and International organization or diplomacy.

Is T Tangle available for individuals?
No, T Tangle available only for businesses.

In which country T Tangle services are available?
T Tangle available only for businesses based Egypt, Stay Tuned to inform you once we started providing our services in your country.

Could I access T Tangle system from outside Egypt?
Yes, you could access your account from anywhere, except the first step of signing up, you have to access from Egypt.

How can I signup if I have a business based Egypt but I’m currently outside Egypt?
Sending us an Email attached with a copy of your legal document at in.touch@ttangle.com, to get an welcome Email.

What I need to create an account?
Depend on your business type, You have to submit your document.

What can I do if I found my business data already exist?
Contact your colleagues to invite you or contact us.
However, if you have already created an account and can not completing the registration, you must contact us to delete your account so your colleagues can invite you to your business account.

Is it necessary to get approved before start using the platform?
Yes, as we reviewing your documents and data to make sure that everything right.

How many users I could add to my account?
There is no limitation.

Could I set the business fields and role for each member in my account?
Yes, you can set the business field(s) for each member at your business field(s), also you could set the role of each member if it was a purchaser & sales or purchaser only or sales only.

Can all businesses registered on the platform see all tenders / RFPs?
No, each business can view the tenders/ RFPs in their business field(s).

Is the tenders / RFPs public for not registered businesses on the platform?
No, only the full registered businesses could access the feed page, except the confidential tenders / RFPs type will be listed for the invited businesses only.

Can I control who can access my tenders / RFPs?
Yes, select one of the tender / RFP types to control who could access your data and submit a proposal.
Check Tender / RFP types to know the difference.

How can I invite my vendors?
Simply share signup page with them, But if you are going to post a confidential tender/ RFP, just write down their email and name at the vendor invitation form.

Could I set a meeting with vendors before they submitting their proposals?
Yes, set the site visit time and date while you issuing your tender to meet your vendors.

Which kind of document could I upload for each tender/ RFP?
You could upload the Financial document & the technical document.

Is my tender/ RFP reviewed by T Tangle team before publishing it?
Yes, as we reviewing your tender/ RFP documents and data to make sure that everything right.

Could I extend the tender/ RFP deadline?
Yes, you can.

How can I access my received proposals, and when?
You only could review the received proposals after the deadline by requesting TBox link to be sent to you email ( means during the tender/ RFP lifetime you will not be able to check the received proposals).

Can I download all the received proposals and How long it kept on the system?
You Can download all the proposals.
The TBox will delete your received proposals after two weeks from your tender/ RFP deadline.

How is my received proposals secured and kept confidential?
We keep your received proposals secured and confidential via TBox, by changing the proposals links each 10 minutes and hashing the fields, plus a last login stamp inside your TBox.
Actually the whole platform is secured.

Can I create account on T Tangle for free?
Yes, The Sign up is totally for free, Without subscription fee.

What is the pricing plans?
Just as per your usage and notify you before debiting your balance, there is no hidden / additional fee.
Check The pricing.

Is the prices including VAT?
Yes, as per the Egyptian law, we collect 14% VAT.

How can i get invoice for my payment?
Once your payment successfully done, you will get an electronic invoice.

What is the available payment methods?
Bank cards, Bank E-wallet ( Through Arab African International Bank ) and for the cash solution you would pay via Aman or Masary.
Payment methods Powered by We Accept

Are you accepting local or international credit cards?
We accepting both credit card, the local and the international cards.

Will I pay partially for each time I’m issuing/submitting proposal?
You have a credit balance, You can recharge your business credit balance, upon your usage of the system we will deduct from your credit.

Is there a minimum amount to recharge my account credit?
No, but make sure that you recharge it with amount covering your team usage.

Who is responsible for adding credit to my entity account?
Only the leader of your business account could add credit, that’s means the total entity credit viewable and usable by the rest of the team.

Could i refund the charged credit?
No, we can’t refund or deduct amount from your credit, and we can’t canceling your invoice.

Still there some non clarified information.
Feel free to contact us to get all the answers you may need.