Impact Investment Advisory Services tender
The aim is to design and deliver a training in Cairo, Egypt, on impact investment that is tailored to the national context.
The service provider is expected to work closely with the team at UNDP Egypt to properly design the training so that it is strategic and relevant to the context in Egypt and to national capacities.
The service provider will also work closely with the UNDP Egypt team and the implementing partner to provide support and guidance in strategy development.
List and Description of Expected Outputs to be Delivered:
Dedicated project team to design and deliver the training workshop that will include a solid introduction to the field
Agenda for the training
An advisory session with the teams on the establishment of national impact investment funds.
Based on evaluation of the first training session, and based on need, an intense, advanced training on II to be delivered in Q1 2018.

Project Location:

Cairo, Egypt

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Organizer Details:

United Nations Development Program in Egypt
Attention: UNDP Innovation for Development Team


United Nations Development Program in Egypt