New Banking Branch construction tender
Class classification of the first works of buildings (integrated) until the fourth
Bids shall be submitted by two envelopes
One for technical presentation and containing temporary insurance – general and special conditions booklets and technical specifications stamped and signed by the contractor – catalogs and data on the sources and type of materials, equipment, equipment and devices provided for the offer – official documents that reinforce the experience of the authorities to which the works were performed, The process mentioned in terms of the outstanding level – the data and documents that show the legal form of the bidder (the commercial register – the company’s memorandum of association – the financial position of the company … etc)
The other envelope of the financial offer contains a booklet of lists of quantities and categories of tender items signed and signed by the contractor on all its pages explaining the method of payment and all the elements that affect the financial value of the offer

Project Location:

Sohag New City – Sohag Governorate

Geographic Range:




Specs Fee:

3000 EGP
Re(1287 Corniche El Nil St., Cairo) under an official letter of authorization issued by the Advanced Company to participate in the tender.
The specifications and specifications will not be sold until after the original of the classification card showing the required category, as well as the origin of the automated tax card, upon which the last tax declaration is submitted for review and return.
Will not pay attention to any tenders that do not have a previous experience in the work that is similar to the work to be implemented in terms of value and level

Bid Bond:

200000 EGP
To be supplied at any of our bank branches or by a bank check payable or by an initial unconditional and unrestricted guarantee letter issued by a local bank approved other than our bank and in case it is issued by our bank shall be fully covered and valid for three months from the date of the opening of envelopes

Performance Bond:

5% of contract amount

Organizer Details:

National Bank of Egypt
El Baraka Tower Bldg. 1187 Corniche El Nil St., Cairo


National Bank of Egypt